We produce websites on occasions, generally using Joomla. We're up for relatively simple sites, but develop our own templates to fit with what the client wants.

As well as this site, other examples can be seen at





Ribble Consultants is moving to Open Source. We currently use Open Office as our standard office suite (though we sometimes need Word for compatibility reasons, particularly with .docx files), Firefox or Chrome for browsing and Thunderbird as an e-mail client. We're starting to move towards Linux as an operating system - we have a Linux server on the network (why pay Microsoft for nothing at all?) and use a Linux-based laptop when away from theoffice. Actually it's pretty easy when you know how, and many applications run faster than with Windows (the laptop's too old to run Windows XP). And thissite is hosted on Linux, using Joomla and PHP - all Open Source.

We've learnt a lot doing this changeover and would be happy to share it with anyone else who resents paying for licences to Microsoft. Open Source works.


Specification of a database to assist the third sector in dealing with public sector procurement

Client: North East Social Enterprise Partnership


Specification of a database (using web access and Open Source applications) to assist the third sector in communicating public sector procurement opportunities