Business Plan for a Credit Union

Client: Hartlepool Credit Union


Production of a business plan, based on previous financial outturns and current startegy for submission by the Board to the FSA.

Benchmarking Study

Client: BC Berlin Consult

Production of a benchmakring study on solid waste management orientated towards Arab and GCC countries as background to the development of a plan in the United Arab Emirates.

Evaluation and Forward Strategy

Client: East End Community Development Alliance

Evaluation of the Alliance's work over the last three years, analysis of the current and potential market, and work with the Board in developinga  forward startegy in the light of funding cuts.

Market Plan

Client: Talon Falconry

Development of a plan for talon falconry as it takes on management fo the Bird of Prey Centre at Lightwater Valley

Strategy Planning Day

Client: Owton Rossmere Community Enterprise Limited (ORCEL)

Faciitation of a strategy day for the Board and staff in order to define a strategic plan for the future and necessary actions