Evaluation of project to stimulate the development of the private sectorin northern Cyprus

Client: United Nations Development Programme


Evaluation of a pilot project funded by the EC and implemented by UNDP for private sectro development in northern Cyprus. The project achieved much more than anyone could reasonably have expected, noting that neither UNDP nor the EC recognise the existence of the government or public authorities.


Interim Evaluation of the ICT Improving Reach Programme

Client: VONNE


Interim evaluation of a programme to support infrastructure organisations to support hard to reach organisations in the field of ICT. Review of the budget for the coming year and recommendations for improvement.


Assessment of the Hartlepool Family Intervention Programme and elaboration of options for the future

Client: Hartlepool Anti Social Behaviour Unit

Assessment of the way HFIP was operating and its likely impact (bearing in mind that the impact of such a programme is well into the future). From this some hypotheses were developed regarding the value of the impacts. Discussion with the steering committee resulted in examination of a number of possible ways to continue the success of the programme so far.



Evaluation of four projects in the fields of Education and in Housing and Environment

Client: Back on the Map (Sunderland NDC)


Evaluation of four projects to determine the degree to which they had met their objectives and to examine other operational issues. As NDC comes to an end, such evaluations show the weaknesses in project identification caused by the need to spend money and the dominance of the local Council. Lessons need to be learned not just at the level of the projects (which actually did a lot of good work) but also at the strategic level.


Evaluation of three programmes related to shop front grants and public realm improvement

Client: Wansbeck District Council


Evaluation of three different schemes including making estimations of the impact of investments in the public realm, interviewing a large proportion of recipients of grants, and identifying appropriate future actions to address market failure.