We offer quality and reliability. We do not try to sell gimmicks, rather the simplest solution that actually works. That's maybe something like this web site, which has no flashy graphics and frames but, we hope, displays the information concisely and clearly.

We have worked independently in the field of economic development since 1991. We have worked on a wide range of different projects dealing with everyone from government Ministers to actual small enterprises trying to develop their services.

We have on many occasions worked for or with the European Commission's programmes. We have experience of working inside the Commission as well as tendering for projects, so we know both sides of the coin!

We have a wide network of contacts in the UK and in both Western and Eastern Europe, allowing us to respond flexibly to any demand. If we can't do it, we know someone who can!

We are happy to discuss any proposition free of charge. We will only charge for services which have been agreed and detailed in advance.

We can also have fun. If want to know more about how consultancy works, try the Games menu!